BLAST (Big Loud Awesome Spiritual Team) is our middle school youth group for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.  We meet each Wednesday evening during the months following the school calendar.  Each month there are two lesson nights covering topics relevant to this age level.  Lessons incorporate activities and games to build teamwork, small- and large-group discussions, videos, and connections to scripture.  One week per month is an organized mission/service night where we participate in projects to benefit our church family, community, or even global needs.  One week per month is also considered a “fun” night when the kids participate in fellowship with their peers.  We encourage all middle schoolers to come have a BLAST with us at UMCL!

Purpose: To provide fellowship, church involvement opportunities, bible studies, missions and social events for middle school youth to expand, share, and strengthen their faith.

Term:            2 years (year 1 as the assistant & year 2 as the leader; committee members can serve indefinitely)

Meetings:      BLAST meets weekly; planning meetings are as needed

                     Team Leader attends Administrative Council

Duties (as governed by the Book of Discipline): NA

Duties (as established by UMCL Lay Leadership and Administrative Council):

  1. Team Leader: Maintain the ministry binder with meeting minutes and other activity information as necessary.
  2. Team Leader: Communicate with the congregation as necessary
  3. Team Leader: Plan the weekly BLAST meetings. There are 2 bibles studies a month.
  4. Team Leader: Collaborate with the other committee members / parents, plan 1 mission a month.
  5. Team Leader: Collaborate with the other committee members / parents, plan 1 social event/fun night a month.
  6. Operate within the means of the established budget.
  1. Utilize parents to support various opportunities as needed.
  1. Opportunities may include:
    1. Bible studies
    2. social outings, games, food
    3. Church involvement: acolytes (servants of the church)
    4. Mission opportunities

Limitations & Collaborations: NA

Skills, Character, Spiritual Gifts





 Our BLAST youth group raised money last year for an Outdoor Water Cooler which was presented by Scott Roy to the United Methodist Camp in Okoboji.